Sunday, June 3, 2012

Soooo. Today's church service was amazing! We talked abot prayer. But one point he(Pastor Lonetti, Beacon of Hope) made I thought was amazing, in fact it's my status on facebook. "We are saved to serve." Soo so so so so true! Anyways. What's happening in my life right now. Well today was church. Of course. =P And... We have my brothers and their wives and kids over for Dinner/Lunch. They're still here in fact. SO this is fun! ANd tonight is the Daniel Study: Courage in the Lions Den. For Beacon of Hope but it actually takes place at Grace Church in Roseville.
 Sooo I finished my dresses! Obviously since it's been about half a year I think since I was last on here. Here are the backs of them (I don't have good pictures from the front. I like the backs best anyways)

SO yea! I think they turned out well! I like the white one best. But I like the long sleeves of the tan one better.

So yea. That's all I can think of for now. I wrote out some stuff to say, but it's in my bedroom and I can't get to it. So yea. Now that I've started I'll write more often. I like it. Sometime I run out of ideas but you know how it is. Although. I will post something. Probably later today (don't take my word for it though) I have started writing a book. I don't think it's very good so far but Hey it's my first try and I've only written a bit more than one chapter. so yea. I'll post it later. And I want you to comment(on anything) And give me ideaa of where to go next, and as to what the title should be. I still don't know! So yeppers! That's all for now.


P.S. Sorry this was so short. Again. I'll write more soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Well. This is me saying goodbye for a week or so. I will be going to my grandma's and they don't have internet. So yes! Although I don't think any of YOU will be able to tell the difference since I don't get a chance to go on very often in the first place. But! I will come back with my sewing projects! Hopefully ALL of them will be finished. And I hope you guys are interested in seeing them. well it's about time to eat then leave for church! Then I'm off to Grandma's house! I'll see you guys(and post) in a week.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My sewing.

 Well I have gotten very into sewing lately.  With embroidery. Hemming and fixing the family's clothes, and darning. But also I am very into (or as Katie would say "obsessed") with the 19th century. or, the 1800's. or even more specifically, the Regency era. you know, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. (I haven't seen or read Mansfield Park yet.) Mostly Jane Austen. Though I really like Jane Eyre as well. Anyway. with both those things. I am now making three Regency era dresses. and Two jackets, and some )I do not know how many yet) Bonnets. Like I said. Katie would say I was obsessed. so I have bought patterns and fabric for two dresses, and most of the fabric for the jacket. I still need the lining fabric and the clasps. any way here are some picture of what I'm doing.

These are the dress patterns that I'm using. two of the right simple one, and one of the left fancy one. but I'm going to do some changes. (I'm only going to do the two latter at first.) So, I'm going to use only the bodice of the fancy one on both I think.. well maybe I'll do one of each. but I'm going to have that, one long sleeved, one short sleeved. maybe I'll mix them. have the one with long sleeves, and the bodice of the left dress, and the dress with short sleeves, have the bodice of the right hand side dress... hmmm. Does that sound good?

And these are the Bonnet patterns that I just bought. I'm hoping to get them in the mail tomorrow. i think I shall make one of the top left. one of the top right, and one of the bottom left. it looks like the bottom two are virtually the same. and I have no idea yet what colours I'm using,( my spelling weird is art of my fascination with England and the Regency era. I also spell favorite Favourite.) so yes. Maybe I'll do one a medium brown, one a light red. not pink though. and... I have no idea what I'll do the other one. I'm just guessing here. I have to look at the fabrics before I can decide.

And... Here, I have the "Spencer Jacket". I have a dark brown Linen. it's pretty simple. and I do not know which kind of clasps I'll use. I don't like frogs though. they're to hard and take too long to clasp. so I'm using the middle pattern. but I'm going to have a long bottom like the one on the far right. so yea. Like I said pretty simple.

and that is about it. I have a wonderful grandma who is going to help me. =D I'm not nearly smart enough to do it on my own. though I might be able to do the bonnets on my own. but I don't know. they look difficult to me.   and I think I shall change my alias to.... Elinor Bennet. you know a cross between Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. well good night!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things about me! about. 21. =D

Well I got the inspiration from facebook. most of my friends have a 25 or more things about me post. so I'm doing this. enjoy??

1: ummm. I like 80's and 70's music. like the BeeGee's and the Beatles. and REO speed wagon.. oh and ELO.
2: I LOVE!!! to draw. but I'm not very good at it. I am best at pencil drawings. and copying other people's art.
3: I can not stand smacking or talking in movies. although I think i do that latter way too often.
4:My favorite accent is British. of course it's also the easiest. but I really want to perfect it!
5: I am fascinated with the 19th century, England. I'm making 3 dresses. and use candles, dipping pens, and sealing wax. =P
6:my absolute favorite TV show is Psych! if you haven't seen it you should try it out!
7:I am fascinated with cars. but I really don't know much about them.
8: I'm also fascinated with gun.s but like cars, I don't really know anything about them.
9:I love skinny jeans! But why are they so expensive?
10:I have played the piano for about 7 years. maybe a bit more.
11:Snowboarding!! that is enough for itself.
12:I love the Sims PC. I have all sims1,2 and 3.
13: I love to sew. but I'm really bad at it!
14: My favorite thing to do is make people laugh!
15 I love playing most any sport, but again. as most things, I'm really bad at it. someone needs to tell me how to play ultimate frisbee. cause I just don't get the rules.
15:I'm allergic to chicken!!! NOOOO!!! it's soo sad. but I still like to make it.
17: my favorite snack to eat while reading is ham, and tea.
18: I have really weird breakfasts. I have leftovers. or garlic bread, or a tortilla with beans, salsa, sour cream and duh. cheese.
19. I really don't like milk! I really wish I did. but I don't. so I just drink chocolate milk instead. =D
20: I really like history from the Renaissance period. and the Regency period.
21: I don't hate math.

I don't have a tital for this post.

 This one I just finished. although this picture isn't it when it was done. this is still unfinished. this is a Fettle-legger. also from the Edge Chronicles. this is from the last book. book 10. I'll post another picture later of it finished.
this is my first drawing from the Edge Chronicles. I'm not sure which book. there are 10. this is a white collard wood wolf. and it took me... I think it was... 3 days to draw.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Life is a horrid beautiful thing. it's full of sin, and creation. but I was thinking about a book John MacArthur wrote.  where he said. when one becomes saved, the stop ( as much) wanting to thirst and hunger for worldy things. but start hungering and thirsting for godly righteousness. though we are never satisfied. ever. until we are in heaven. we will keep thirsting for it. and never have enough of Him. just my thoughts of the moment. I pray every day that I will thirst for Him never ending!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm back! (Ish)

It's a Sunday morning. and I hope to go to church but I doubt it. I haven't Blogged in a long time. So sorry! It's been 7 months since I have been kept to my bed. I get out a little bit on my good days. and sometimes I have no choice. but life is the same. I read The Hiding Place again. I hadn't in a long time. and most people know it as being a good or even a really good book. but I encourage you to read it again! It is really really good, and I'd like to think I learned a lot from it. I pray every day that the Lord work on me. "form me to Your ways" but I am lazy. I don't do as much as I should. Pray! it's the best thing for it. but how do I remember. every time you think about it. pray. for someone your self. don't always ask for things. thank God for what you have. and what you may not want but have. like in The Hiding Place. Betsie thanks God for the lice. and it shows it's quality. the guards wouldn't come in their room because of the lice, so they were able to share the bible with everyone else! and the miracle that God performed. with the drops. they just kept coming out until they had a replacement for them. but anyway. this is my new blog. I'm sorry for being so lazy, I'll try to keep up more. and I hope I have some good things to write about!